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R150.00per month

FREE .co.za Domain
5 Email Accounts
2 MySQL Databases
1 Wordpress blog
3 FTP Accounts
5 Gig Storage
2 Gig Web Traffic

R300.00per month

FREE .co.za Domain
10 Email Accounts
5 MySQL Databases
2 Wordpress blog
5 FTP Accounts
10 Gig Storage
8 Gig Web Traffic

R500.00per month

FREE .co.za Domain
20 Email Accounts
10 MySQL Databases
5 Wordpress blog
20 FTP Accounts
20 Gig Storage
25 Gig Web Traffic

Our services

We are working with some of the leading technology companies in the industry to offer you Fast, Reliable and secured emails. Everything runs in a cloud and there is no longer a single point of failure.
Through our extensive networks we are able offer all kinds of domains available in the world wide web - ranging from co.za to .me . In the next few months we will be offering domains such as .home , .store , .book etc...
We offer PHP based web hosting with MySQL as the database of choice, Being that it's a shared enviromnet we only use versions which have the latest security fixes to make sure your applications do not get compromised. If you want a specific version of PHP or MySQL we can setup a virtual private server for your account only.


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

- Leonardo da Vinci

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